Canada Registry - Services

Canada Registry speciailizes in providing social media marketing strategies for business and organizations across Canada.


Social media marketing is essential to provide your company with the visibility it deserves. Developing and maintaining a social media strategy requires a full-time staff with expertise in the field. Save money by not having to hire an expert in-house and let us take your marketing efforts to the next level for a fraction of the cost of a salaried employee.


This is what to expect when contacting our social media strategists.



We review your social media efforts and offer recommendations to improve your campaign. Our experience in this field will allow us to quickly determine why your current efforts are not providing you with the results that you expect.



We analyze your target demographic and develop a strategic plan to reach it successfully. We create and maintain your Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn account and Youtube channel. We then market these mediums to the audience you want to reach. Our strategists will also help you successfully get started on social deal sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial and Dealfind.


Any any point you may want to take over maintaining your social media accounts. Not to worry, we will guide you every step along the way and provide coaching to make for a seamless transition. Even if you are not an existing customer, but simply need help getting started in social media marketing, we offer one-on-one coaching to ensure that you are successful in starting your own campaign.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to find our more about how we can help your social media efforts. Social media marketing is quintessential to giving your business the boost it needs to reach its target audience and be at the forefront of your industry.