Who is Canada Registry?

Canada Registry is a compiler and publisher of Canadian business information.  Launched in May 2005, our online database contains information on Canadian businesses and organizations which have been compiled over the last 15 yearsCurrently, our database has over 1.2 million Canadian businesses listed and continues to grow daily.


In addition to our online directory, Canada Registry also publishes its information in a variety of software directories in order to help those with a more specific industry or regional requirement.  Millions of customers across North America use our software to improve sales efforts, find new suppliers, identify competitors, print mailing labels and sales leads.


Our database contains listings in all business industries, including but not limited to:


     * Small to large businesses.

     * Government offices.

     * Educational institutions.

     * Hotels and travel facilities.

     * Hospitals and healthcare facilities.

     * Retail outlets.

     * Non-profit organizations.

     * First Nation organizations.


We also specialize in social media marketing, having successfully developed and maintained campaigns for hundreds of Canadian businesses and organizations.

CanadaRegistry.ca was developed by Canadians for Canadians.  Since our launch, our web traffic has grown steadily.  With our customers' dedicated support, CanadaRegistry.ca will continue to grow and develop, not only to assist Canadians within Canada, but to promote Canadian businesses to the global market.


Best Wishes,


Canada Registry Team